We believe that the Holy Spirit is producing among us a work of biblical restoration, returning the church to its Hebraic foundations in order to go forward in understanding of biblical truth, faith and practice. The restoration manifests in a growing , intimate relationship with God and in loving interpersonal relationships with fellow believers and with society in general.

We believe that the goal of the Hebraic roots restoration community should be to educate, edify and expand Christian life and understanding, helping produce strong, informed, mature, and committed Christians, dedicated to holy living. We believe that this is an outworking of biblical discipleship, the breaking forth of God’s kingdom in the lives of believers who follow the scriptures.

We believe that the most important feature of the Hebraic roots restoration is its effort to help believers become more like Jesus Christ by imparting to them a clearer understanding of their Hebrew Messiah.

We believe that restoring the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith is and effort that is in continuity with the historical church, the movement begun by Jesus and the apostles. We, therefore, consider this restoration to be a work of renewing existing faith communities and corporate structures, returning them to original Christianity as modeled by Jesus and his disciples.

We recognize Christianity’s historical and theological emergence from the matrix of biblical Judaism as a confirmation of the continuity of biblical faith.

We believe that the divine instruction of the Torah (the Pentateuch or Law) is foundational for the faith of Jesus and the apostles; therefore, we recognize its continuing relevance and value for the church’s Christocentric existence, and we encourage Christians to study and celebrate it within the context of the New Covenant.

We recognize the value of extra biblical sources, including early Jewish and rabbinic literature, as tools for clearer understanding of the concepts of the Hebrew Scriptures, of biblical Judaism, and the teachings of the New Testament by providing the textual, historical, social and political context in which the Holy Scriptures were written.

We recognize and affirm Christianity’s debt to the Jewish people for our understanding of God, for our Scriptures, for our Messiah, and for our salvation through the Jewish Jesus.

We encourage Christian support and cooperation with the international Jewish community wherever possible.

We recognize the biblical and historical right of the Jewish people to live in their ancient homeland.

We believe that the church must repent for its historical Judaeophobia, anti-Judaism, and anti-Semitism, which sponsored and encouraged systematic and unrelenting persecution of the Jewish people that culminated in the Holocaust.

We believe that in the spirit of truly biblical repentance, the church must continue to take the initiative to rebuild positive relations with the international Jewish community.